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ITAC Approach

Placing the child at the centre of everything we do

Our unique ‘ITAC’ approach

Across all of our special educational needs schools and children’s homes, the model that we implement is our ‘Internal Team Around the Child (ITAC)’ approach.

This approach ensures that young people have access to cohesive services and all the relevant practitioners concerned with an individual young person meet regularly. This ensures the services delivered are integrated, prioritised, coherent and achieve their intended outcomes.

Each half term we review the young person’s provision through the ‘Internal Team Around the Child’ coming together to evaluate progress, plan next steps and evidence change in emotional wellbeing, mental health, behaviour and learning.

The team is made up of professionals from across different disciplines to ensure there is a holistic approach to meeting each young person’s needs.

Press play to watch our staff explain how it is implemented in our settings. 

The ITAC process has five core elements

Our unique approaches ensure that each young person realises their own story of success. From making new friends to leaving with qualifications galore, we love to celebrate every moment of success.

The effective sharing of information about the child, young person or family to underpin ongoing work.

Consistency and coordination in the services delivered.

A multidisciplinary approach to supporting a child, young person and family

The development and delivery of a package of solution focused support, with each ITAC member being responsible and accountable for their actions and the services they provide

The review of progress and outcomes, identifying further action and support that may be needed

Our approach

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"The last 12 months have been life changing and my son's progress is remarkable. Thank you!"

Parent, Pontville School

“For once I feel like I am part of something.”

Pupil, Cedar House School
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