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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
About us

We are the leading provider of specialist education and care in the country.

Who Are We?

Here at Witherslack Group we are made up of a cast of thousands and our children and young people are at the centre of what we do. You may have already heard of us, but if not here is a little bit about us.

We are the leading provider of specialist education and care in the country, built on a foundation of sector leading Ofsted judgements and a long track record of success.

Our specialist schools, learning centres and children’s homes offer truly inspirational environments and life changing opportunities to our children and young people. Changing their lives for the better and creating the best possible futures for them takes a team of hardworking, passionate and dedicated people who work together to build a foundation of trust and support. This foundation nurtures the growth and development of our children and young people.

Our endless support, advice and expertise also extends to parents, carers and professionals to help them find hope, direction and understanding for the best way forward for their child and their family.

We celebrate every single small success which combine to create many huge small victories.

Achieving the small steps that make up the bigger picture of the child is the most rewarding part of the job.

Speech & Language Therapist, North East Region

Why Witherslack Group?

As the leading specialist education and care provider in the country we understand our responsibility in leading by example. For our young people and their families we are committed to continuously going above and beyond to ensure our schools, children’s homes and learning centres are not only sector leading but amongst the very best of their type in the world. To do this we constantly have to reflect, refine and refresh our approaches and environments to ensure they never stop improving and being the best they possibly can be.

It is the same for our staff, we never want to become complacent as an employer and are driven to always make sure we are constantly improving how we both support and reward every member of our team. Whether it be career development, new benefits, acknowledging amazing achievements or simply celebrating the small things that combine to make life changing impacts. 

The management team are present and they take an interest in you and the pupils. We aren’t just a number.

Teaching Assistant, Pontville School

Best Environments

Part of being the leading provider of SEND education and care is offering the best environments in the sector. Our schools, homes and learning centres are designed and updated to remain the best places for our children and young people to grow and develop. The work we do can be hard, but having access to the best resources ensures our team have the support they need to provide the best care and provision.

Extending from the north to the south of England, every single school, home and learning centre is designed and developed with each child and young person in mind. Classrooms are decorated to be a space of inspiration and creativity and our homes are personalised to ensure there is an environment of safety and nurture.

If you don’t believe us, you can go on a virtual tour below!  

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The Most Joined Up Model in SEN

Everything adds up here at WG and that is largely due to having the most joined up model in SEND.

We are proud to boast a strongly integrated team of education, clinical and care staff who work together to ensure the best outcomes for our children and young people with a helping hand available whenever you may need.

Every member of our Group is treated as an individual, but we are all driven by a shared ambition to ensure every child experiences the childhood they deserve, one filled with fun, laughter, friendship and discovery.   

We are one Group, made up of diverse and different people who work together across our teams to achieve amazing outcomes and endless stories of success.  

No matter what team you join, you will be working collaboratively with all areas of our Group, where our shared values ensure that everyone understands the importance of true teamwork, endless support and unwavering commitment.  

This isn’t just talk, don’t be surprised to find yourself in a meeting or a video conference with our CEO, just because she wants your input and thoughts on how we can make things even better!

Life at WG

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