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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Cleaner, greener future thanks to Mayor

17 November 2023

In a bid to foster environmental awareness and curb litter-related issues, Pontville School has taken an innovative step forward, thanks to the thoughtful efforts of the Mayor of West Lancashire, Councillor Maureen Nixon. The school has received two character-style bins, presented to pupils and staff as both a practical solution and a reward for their participation in a creative poster competition earlier in the year.

The bins, adorned with playful characters, serve as a scarily good method to keep litter at bay, transforming waste disposal into an engaging and rewarding experience.

The integration of art, education, and community involvement serves as a great example for fostering environmental responsibility and awareness. With character-style bins as charming allies, Pontville is not only preventing a monstrous mess but also nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious citizens.

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