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Pontville School Blog 120: Flurry Of Activity

28 February 2020

There’s been a flurry of activity from classes at Pontville School and as always, the bloggers have their fingers on the pulse and share with us the news worth knowing.

Last term, pupils from Class 5C who worked together to plan and organise their enterprise project. The class proudly presented their pop up, Pizza Shack to pupils and staff from the primary school who all enjoyed the delicious pizzas and appreciated all the hard work of the aspiring restauranteurs. The success of the enterprise has resulted in them planning to open again later on this year and hope to have the same success.

Class 5A have been preparing for their future careers by working on their CVs and developing their writing skills as they practised completing application forms. The aspiring footballers from the class were delighted to welcome back Oliver who took a short break from the squad; he was warmly welcomed back on the pitch by his fellow teammates Hugh, Martin Ben and Nathan.

Pupils from classes 4G and 4F have been researching the subject around Breast and Testicular Cancer, raising awareness of this important health issue. They carried out extensive research and then presented their results as well as explore signs and symptoms, statistics and different types of treatments. The topic sparked discussions about the importance of getting to know your body and checking it for abnormalities. They are also looking forward to welcoming guest speakers to the school who will be sharing their own experiences and stories.

To end our roundup of news we’re heading to Class 4D who also took part in activities to raise awareness of cancer in their Generalisation lessons. They cooked up a storm and made delicious rice krispie cakes to raise money for McMillan.

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