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Pontville Blog 165: The team of bloggers are back!

21 October 2022

The team of bloggers from Pontville School put pen to paper to share news of how they kick-started the new academic year.

Seedling Class

Seedling Class were excited to return to school, welcoming new pupils where quickly, friendships started to blossom.

Pine Class

Pine Class had a fantastic week back, getting stuck into their work, and making staff proud. 

Pupil, James was rewarded for producing some great work in English, through studying Jekyll and Hyde, as part of his learning about the Victorian era. 

Elm 2 Class

Elm 2 Class produced some great work in English through creative writing, and studying the Jabberwocky poem. They creatively used adjectives to describe what he looked like before creating drawings.

They have also been learning about tones, shade and tint in art, while in sports, they enjoyed a game of football during Golden Time.

Key Stage 4 

Teacher, Rachel Doherty shares a poem from pupil, Ciara from Key Stage 4, which she wrote at home.

Dear moonlight

Dear moonlight, where have you gone?

My heart longs for your bright shine,

You are the elixir of my life.

As your ray of light beams onto me, I feel at ease.

The sun will not fill the void, only you make me euphoric.

Oh dear moonlight, I am so hollow and wistful without you.

You make the sky so blissful, oh what a delight it is to see you moonlight.

From the snow to the cocoa in my mug

Dear moonlight, I miss you so.

Dear moonlight, when it snows, I think of you

When the streets are dark and quiet, I think of you.

And then you appear

Dear moonlight, I’ve found you again.

Oak 3 Class

Oak 3 Class also settled in by getting to know one another, exploring their new classroom and engaging in lots of exciting new learning.  During the week, they created some colourful rainbow artwork and conducted some observations in Science.

16-19 Vocational Centre

Teacher, Nathalia Hurt shares details of her 16-19 students as they settled back in school:

Alder Class students quickly settled back into their new routines, while making new friendships. Students, Josh and Alessio agreed to start preparing their own lunches, as part of their independent living skills, with their most recent creation being an omelette.  Josh, having already experienced creating omelettes, helped Alessio.  They work well together and are looking forward to sharing their knowledge and skills, as well as learning new techniques. One of their first experiences was a visit to the local supermarket to purchase their ingredients, using the self-serve checkout.  

Finally, to round up this week’s news, pupils and staff have also welcomed some new animals to the farm. Matte (the therapy dog) was delighted as he welcomed new faces for his daily walks. 

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