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Great work chef

15 December 2023

Pupil Jack from Luxbourough Court School demonstrated great skill as he rustled up a delicious Thai green curry with rice and a sprinkling of coriander for the next stage of a national cooking competition.

Previously, the budding chef won over judges at the school with his Bolognese, allowing him to enter the next phase of the FutureChef competition. This time, the event was hosted by Waltham Forest College, who welcomed eight other contestants from local schools.

Rising to the challenge in a new environment and working next to competitors he didn’t know, Jack confidently made his way around the kitchen and presented his plate of delicious food to a new set of judges with confidence.

His skills earned him second place, where he was applauded for his achievement, and on return to school, pupils and the team continued the celebrations.

Well done Jack, we are all very proud!

Read about the first part of the competition here.

Pupil Jack from Luxbourough Court School wins second place in national cooking competition.

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