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An introduction to Positive Psychology ideas and practices to help in difficult times

19 June 2020

Rory Cahill, Mental Health Practitioner for Witherslack Group gives you a series of two webinars on the introduction to Positive Psychology.

During these sessions, you will be taught about some of the key ideas and techniques which have become popular through the movement of Positive Psychology in recent years. These techniques have been proven to help manage stress and allow people to reflect upon some of the good things in life, which is extra important to do in challenging times. We will be looking at identifying and using inner strengths and talking through the PERMA model, which looks at various aspects of our lives, proven to be necessary to wellbeing. The ideas of from these sessions can be applied to adults as parents or carers, or done alongside children and young people.
Webinar part one:
View webinar part one here

Webinar part two:

View webinar part two here
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