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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Bramley Hill School

Our school offer

Our aim is to provide pupils with a range of opportunities so that they can reach their full potential.

Key stages & education

Pupils in Key Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 attend Bramley Hill School.

We believe in encouraging pupils' self-esteem, which is often low when they start with us, by ensuring that the curriculum and tasks that are set are challenging yet achievable, thus enabling them to further succeed and develop.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for enrichment activities through educational visits and field trips. We put an emphasis on pupils developing independent living and vocational skills, emphasising communication and social skills.

We use a child-centred, cross-curricular approach that is delivered entirely through multi-sensory teaching strategies. The curriculum is highly personalised and broken down into manageable steps, based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, the National Curriculum framework and guidance from the National Autistic Society.

Find out what makes our school unique

We provide unique learning opportunities for our pupils to help them engage with learning so that they can develop skills and grow in confidence to become proud members of our school community.

We focus on the future of each young person. We do this by helping them discover a love of learning through our topic based curriculum, which is purposeful and linked to real life.  For example in Key Stage 1, ‘Rio’ introduces pupils to the Rio Carnival, celebrating foods, stories and traditions from Brazil, while the ‘Invaders and Settlers’ project in Key Stage 2 culminates in a recreation of a Norman draw bridge and developing pupils’ understanding of the lives of people who lived a long time ago. Another example hails from  ‘Moon Zoom’ in Key Stage 3, where pupils get to explore journeys to space and pioneers such as Neil Armstrong or Tim Peake, igniting curiosity in Science and Technology. The creative approaches are achieved by using the experience, enthusiasm and specialism of individual teachers who provide interesting, engaging and differentiated lessons.

Our curriculum focuses on developing skills of pupils and providing enrichment activities, where they can experience new activities outside the classroom. Each term they access a timetable of the following:

  • Outdoor education
  • Forest School
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

Another way we prepare our pupils for the future is through work experience opportunities, whether it be in school or in the local community. Pupils can gain experience working with different departments within the school or the variety of businesses that operate locally. The purpose is to give them responsibility with the opportunity to have taster sessions across diverse roles so that they can start to map out their pathway for the future.

We encourage our pupils to exercise their democratic voice through the Student Parliament, where they actively share feedback and put forward suggestions to improve resources, teaching and learning experiences.

There is a process we follow, which consists of two rounds of elections. The first is a class election and another stage is a whole school election, where elected members work towards the coveted role of president and vice president by writing manifestos, participating in debates, speeches, and answering questions to an audience made up of their peers. The effort and planning instils a can-do attitude, and whether they win or not, they experience a real sense of achievement.

Managing a sizeable budget, to date, the Student Parliament has introduced a diverse food menu for lunchtimes, a trampoline in the school grounds, and the introduction of different colours for uniforms. Being part of a democratic voice empowers pupils, making them feel heard and adds to their toolkit to building confidence and the importance of using their platform to make a real difference.

We prioritise PSHE and Citizenship and it sits at the core of our curriculum. Pupils engage in the lessons every single day during  ‘Bramley Hill Time,’ which is a combination of PSHE, daily reflection on topical issues and a sensory regulation programme called ‘Zones of Regulation.’

Additionally, we explore friendships, the makeup of families, and the influence of social media. During the session, we safely explore sensitive and challenging issues such as gaming, online safety and peer influence. All this ensures our pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain.

We celebrate awareness days, and religious and cultural festivals to demonstrate the unique characteristics of the communities made up of different cultures that we live alongside in modern Britain. This also extends to learning and celebrating ourselves, to be more accepting and, in turn, feel more empowered.

While celebrating, it also creates a safe space to ask questions and break down stereotypes, helping pupils to be accepting and preparing them for the world outside of our school community.


Whether our children or young people want to be an astronaut or an artist or anything in between, we are completely committed to helping them realise futures that are out of this world.

Developed in complete collaboration with schools, employers and young people, Futures is all about delivering unlimited aspiration and endless opportunity for every child.

Trust us when we say, your child’s future truly matters to us too.

Explore our dedicated Futures wesite here

Our therapeutic support

We provide young people with unrivalled levels of therapeutic support, both in terms of the expertise and experience of our in-school staff and the wide range of therapies offered. 

Our therapeutic approach includes: 

  • As required, young people have the support of our Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.
  • Our commitment to delivering outstanding therapeutic support to all young people is based on attachment principles. We believe that unless a young person is able to feel emotionally secure they are less likely to fulfil their personal, social and educational potential.
  • Our unique approach to supporting young people allows us to achieve uniquely outstanding outcomes, which in turn enable our young people to go on to realise a future filled with aspiration and achievement.


Our commitment to therapeutic support

We have an extensive Clinical Team, who are able to offer our young people within our school a truly personalised and comprehensive package of therapeutic support.

  • We will ensure that every young person develops resilience and releases their potential by providing the appropriate clinical support for their social, emotional and mental health needs.
  • We will support a young person to develop their competencies and abilities to help them become a capable young adult.
  • We will completely integrate the delivery of therapeutic support.
  • We will operate a direct delivery model of therapy offering universal services targeted to the needs of individual children and young people.

Staffing and pastoral care

Our staff have a wealth of experience and qualifications in teaching and caring for pupils with Special Educational Needs. They have also received training from Witherslack Group’s Clinical Team, which includes clinical psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and therapists.

Teachers and teaching assistants are extremely well equipped in providing appropriate support to meet the needs of our pupils and establish a positive and engaging learning environment. The education staff consists of a stable and experienced team and the professional development of teachers and teaching assistants is supported through regular internal and external training. This ensures extremely effective teaching practices are in place and lesson activities are well-planned to support learning.

The Pastoral Care Team develop excellent links with parents, carers and families, as well as professionals involved with a pupil. They also provide additional support, when required, to help pupils engage in classes.

We are dedicated to the development of the each young person, focusing on areas such as independence, self-esteem, resilience, making safe choices, and communication.

All this support allows each child, whatever their needs, the opportunity to engage and enjoy their education.

The Pastoral Care Team ensures that all pupils’ well-being is constantly reviewed and developed, and that strong links are made between school and home.

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