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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Team Bridgeway Enjoy Day Full of Fun Activities

13 March 2020

Pupils and staff from Bridgeway School recently took part in activities to focus on anti-bullying, children’s rights and responsibilities, and team building. The day was a great success with everyone working together and completing tasks to achieve the aims of each session. Laurence Harwood, Teacher, took the time out to explain about their day of learning, fun activities and team work.

At Bridgeway School we are proud of our social and development programme in helping prepare our pupils for the next stage in their lives when they leave us, and to supplement this, we have a special day where we focus on anti-bullying, children’s rights and responsibilities, and team building through STEM.

"On the day there was a great atmosphere at the school, and we started off by learning and reinforcing the core values of anti-bullying and making the pupils aware of our new Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Mr Quilliam, Deputy Pastoral Care Manager. In the session, he explained how he and all staff could help if someone needed to talk to about this topic, and unveiled our updated anti-bullying display with new posters and information."

"The second activity of the day was aimed at informing the young people of their rights and responsibilities, and this work contributed to our aim of becoming a Unicef recognised Rights and Respecting School which we have subsequently achieved at bronze level. We looked at the differences between things that the pupils wanted, what they needed, their basic human rights and how they could live as responsible human beings."

"The third and final activity was making a cardboard chair using the skills and knowledge through STEM. The task involved making a chair with cardboard and it quickly became apparent that no piece of cardboard on the premises was safe in the quest to making the ultimate chair. It was lovely to see the school come together and work as a team, co-operating and using their social skills to great effect. The final outcome of the task was impressive with many highly engineered chairs and even sofas created. The test of the good chair was completed by tutor groups but as the chairs were all made to a very good standard, it was difficult to crown anyone as winners."

Well done everyone!

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