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Summer term full of fun and adventure!

02 July 2021

For the summer term, the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ team at Oversands School has planned a timetable of fun and adventure.

Recently, their first week came to an end where pupils took a trip to the longest cave tour in Britain, White Scar Cave in Ingleton. During the tour, they saw a 320 million-year-old fossilised coral reef, stalactites, and stalagmites that grow 1cm every 50-70 years along with the ‘Witch’s Fingers.’

At half a mile into the hillside and 90 metres below ground, pupils enjoyed the natural beauty of the stalactites in a UV light show and two huge underground waterfalls.

Everyone enjoyed the trip, and the adventurers look forward to a summer of fun, discovery, and challenge.

Pupils enjoy a trip to White Scar Cave's, Ingleton.

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