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Transformative visit to Kendal College

17 November 2023

A recent visit to Kendal College proved to be a transformative experience for a group of Year 11 pupils and Post 16 students, offering them a glimpse into the exciting opportunities awaiting them post-school. The objective was not only to show what Kendal College has to offer but also to get them thinking about their future paths.

The young people displayed fantastic enthusiasm, actively engaged with various departments, gaining valuable insights into the day-to-day experiences that await them in a college setting. This visit served as a window into the offerings of a local college, providing a tangible connection to the possibilities in their educational journey.

Exploration included departments such as student services, hospitality and catering, and science. However, the absolute highlight of the day was the visit to the animal care department,, where their exceptional engagement led to a unique opportunity—they were allowed to handle a snake and a bearded dragon! The guide noted that such a privilege had never been extended to any other school before—a testament to their keen interest and respectful behaviour.

One surprise was bumping into a former pupil who is now thriving in the hospitality and catering department. This living example highlighted the value and potential of transitioning into college, reinforcing the idea that it can truly open doors to exciting opportunities.

Paul Wilkinson, the school's careers lead, expressed his delight, stating,

"To see our young people engage in a mature and respectful manner was a real joy to see. Visiting colleges such as Kendal and seeing the fantastic resources, campus, and staff really opened their eyes to what is available to them in their next steps."

The visit not only broadened their perspectives but also instilled a sense of excitement about the possibilities awaiting them after their school journey.

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