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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Planning next steps with confidence

11 December 2023

Year 11 pupils and Post-16 students from Oversands School recently enjoyed a visit to Lancaster and Morecambe College, expanding their insights into the offerings of local further education institutions.

The young people were treated to a comprehensive campus tour, immersing themselves in the vibrant college life and exploring various departments such as construction, computing, hospitality, catering, animal care, electrical, plumbing, and sports.

A notable highlight of the visit was the first-hand accounts of success from last year's Oversands alumni, who is currently thriving at the college. Meeting a friend who is excelling in the catering department who has progressed to the point of mentoring peers provided an inspiring glimpse into the potential outcomes of pursuing further education.

This trip is part of the school’s commitment to fostering SMART career decisions among its young people. The SMART approach, championed by Paul Wilkinson, Careers Lead, encourages them to be Specific about qualifications, Mature in decisions and options, Ambitious about their goals, Ready to Work, and Thoughtful in planning how to achieve them.

Paul highlighted the significance of exposing pupils and students to campus life, emphasising that it offers a fantastic opportunity for them to envision life after school and gain clarity about the support available as they pursue further education.

How amazing is this? Well done, everyone.


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