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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Our top ten highlights of 2021!

21 December 2021

Our top ten highlights of 2021 are here! From witnessing children and young people progress to celebrating the attainment of awards and accreditations from individuals, schools and children’s homes. This year, we continued to work with world-class speakers and even welcomed top-performing athletes too. We, of course, wouldn’t be anywhere without our staff teams who continue to show support and commitment to all of our children, young people and their families. In no particular order, here are our highlights of 2021!

Our superheroes

Our superheroes, also known as staff, are made up of individuals driven by a shared ambition to ensure every child experiences the childhood they deserve. Their continued efforts to maintain standards of care and provide stable places to live and learn have enabled us to play our part in achieving life-changing outcomes for young people and their families.
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Awards and accreditations

Our schools, children’s homes and individual members of staff celebrated winning some great awards recognising their concerted efforts in improving the life opportunities for our children and young people. How impressive are they?

Celebrating neurodiversity

We were once again proud to be supporting the Umbrella Project, organised by our friends from the ADHD Foundation. In its fifth year, the project aims to celebrate the unique talents of individuals through greater awareness of neurodiversity. Our children and young people penned down their superpowers and lit up their learning environments with hanging installations.

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Supporting parents, carers and professionals

We continued to host FREE webinars to support even more parents, carers and professionals with expert advice on a range of topics related to SEN. 11,500 people signed up and benefited from them, and we want to reach more! Tag your friends, family and colleagues in this post to spread the word about our webinars.

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The good news never stops

Every single day across our Group, we witness moments of magic when children and young people make progress academically, socially and emotionally.

This year again, we celebrated some fantastic achievements, and you can explore them all here east

SENsational podcast

In October, we launched SENsational: The Special Educational Needs Podcast, which is all about celebrating neurodiversity, empowering parents and carers while strengthening our children's superpowers!

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New schools and children's homes

We opened new schools and homes, providing even more support and life opportunities for children, young people and their families. Intrigued where we will be opening in 2022? Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements.

Community involvement

Children, young people and staff from our schools and children’s homes have worked together to raise money and awareness for some great causes. From donating to local food banks to putting packs together for families in need and even giving a helping hand. How impressive are they?

Football fever

In September, pupils, parents and staff from our Cumberland and Pontville schools welcomed world renowned football stars to officially open their ‘Special Cruyff Courts,’ developed in partnership by Johan Cruyff Foundation. We have even more exciting news to come from this partnership in 2022!

Read all about the events here east

Teamwork makes the dream work

Throughout the year, we continued to work in partnership with parents, carers and professionals to support our children and young people to realise their true potential and reach goals.

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