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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

The millionaire reading club

24 August 2022

Pupils from Hall Cliffe School enjoyed a great year of reading and celebrated significant milestones of individuals.

HLTA, Ellie Hirst shares more detail: 

"Early on in the year, we introduced a ‘Treehouse’ which provides a calm and restful reading space for everyone to enjoy.  This space has been a great success as we recently reached our first ‘millionaire’ member Zachery, who has read a total of 1 million words.  As part of this great achievement, he is now part of the Millionaire Club, which includes, unlimited access to the Treehouse library, a gold badge for his uniform, a choice of book to keep and an invitation to brunch with myself."

She continued: 

"We have also had many success stories involving pupils progressing with their reading, which includes, reading out load for the first time, reading assessments and gaining a general love for reading."

She concluded by saying: 

"We are excited for the new term where we will overcome new challenges and look forward to rolling out our phonics throughout the whole school."

Well done everyone!

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