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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Fun on the farm

02 February 2024

Pupils and the team from Pontville School have enthusiastically welcomed back their beloved farm animals after a well-deserved break. As the school gates reopened for the new term, the atmosphere was filled with excitement for the return of the resident animals, who had enjoyed a getaway.

In addition to the usual familiar faces, everyone was astonished to see four new residents - two pigs and two pigmy goats. The playful antics of the goats have already begun to enchant all who encounter them, adding a delightful energy to the school farm.

The school farm plays an integral role in Pontville's offer, giving pupils unique opportunities to participate in hands-on learning. The farm also enables them to foster a deeper understanding of animal care and agriculture, which could further lead to a passion for related career pathways. From feeding and grooming to observing animal behaviours, they actively engage with the farm animals, developing valuable skills along the way.

How exciting! Great work, everyone.

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