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Planning futures

04 January 2024

Pupils from Chilworth House Upper School have been exploring various career pathways and actively participating in planning their futures.

Year 11 pupils were given the opportunity to visit Oxford Brookes University, opening doors to a world of possibilities and inspiring young people to envision their academic futures. The trip included a guided tour, discussions, and talks from the team at the university.

The pupils spent their visit exploring and discussing ‘what makes a good teacher and how to make education better for all.’ This gave them the opportunity to share their ideas about how they think learning can be improved, and they explored the qualities they value in a teacher. 

Another opportunity arose for pupils to plan their futures when they met the team of hairdressers from Matthew Clulee. The professionals from the local hairdresser shared insights into their journeys, highlighting the diverse opportunities available in the industry. 

Inspired by the interaction, a year 10 pupil decided he would cut his hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust Charity, which provides wigs to children who have lost their hair. The selfless act not only demonstrated his kindness but also exemplified the positive impact that such collaborative events can have. 

Great work, everyone. 

Pupils at Oxford Brookes University

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