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Sunshine and sporting wins

28 July 2023

Pupils and staff from Chilworth House School enjoyed a day full of races, pushing them to reach new heights as they took part in their annual Sports Day.

The day kickstarted with a throwing event, where pupils got the opportunity to showcase their upper body strength by attempting to hurl a javelin as far as possible. Next, they moved on to the jumping event, where pupil Jonathan, known for his remarkable sports achievements, once again proved himself to be a true athlete in the making. 

After lunch, parents and carers arrived, and competitive spirits continued with the running races. Split into teams, everyone witnessed the Red Team take an early lead by winning the relay race, while the Yellow Team struck back with a victory in the egg and spoon race. The egg and spoon race description showcases the adults dedication and skill in delicately carrying the eggs on wooden spoons, reminiscent of nymphs gracefully floating through the clouds.

The Green Team excelled in the dressing-up race, and the Blue Team also put forth their best effort. Throughout the day, points were awarded based on performance, support, and behaviour, making it an inclusive and holistic evaluation of all their efforts.

The parent and carer race was another exciting highlight, with Mrs Asbury emerging as the reigning champion by winning the Ladies Race for the second year in a row! 

Finally, the winners were announced, and medals were awarded. The day concluded with a friendly celebration and rivalry as everyone gathered to enjoy strawberries and cream on the lawn, capping off a wonderful and memorable day for everyone involved.

Annual Sports Day celebrated

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