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Captivated by science

21 July 2023

Pupils from Alder, Birch, and Maple Houses at Chilworth House School enjoyed a trip to the Oxford Science Centre, where they got stuck into a variety of captivating science-based activities.

One of the day's highlights was a pond dipping activity, where they got the opportunity to explore and study the diverse plants and animals living in and around the pond. This hands-on experience allowed them to gain an understanding of aquatic ecosystems and appreciate the biodiversity that exists within them.

The centre also offered a wide range of investigations which sparked pupils' interest and encouraged scientific exploration. Using air tables, they learned about the principles of flight and were able to experiment with different objects to make them soar through the air. Additionally, they encountered a magnetic wall where they had to strategically arrange tubes to guide balls from a higher point to a lower one, demonstrating the concepts of gravity and magnetism.

Microscopes were also available for them to observe objects of their choice in intricate detail. They witnessed a passing woodlouse that got much attention, allowing them to observe and examine this creature closely and appreciate the natural world's intricacies.

Throughout the day, pupils thoroughly enjoyed engaging in the various activities, allowing them to interact with science in great detail.

Great work everyone.

Pupils engage in hands-on experiences

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