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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Pupils find their rhythm

06 November 2020

This term, pupils from Chilworth House School are learning about music through the topic of Rhythm and Riffs, where they are learning basic rhythm skills based around chants and turn-taking. As the week’s progress, so will their skills and the plan is to bring all their learning together to produce short musical riffs that they will learn on a tuned instrument of their choice.

During the sessions, they are also learning to appreciate a wide variety of music styles, and begin to make judgments by forming opinions about a broad range of music.

The fun interactive sessions have proven to be a success with the budding musicians playing together and learning and developing skills such as turn-taking and reading rhythm notation whilst developing their fine motor skills and confidence.

They certainly are engrossed in their fun and interactive music lessons. Well done everyone.

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