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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

World Mental Health Day celebrations

13 October 2023

Every day, the Bridgeway School Team prioritise mental health, but on World Mental Health Day, this vital topic is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of their activities.

The international day promotes global mental health education, awareness and advocacy, it was first celebrated in 1992, and now each October, people across the world help to bring awareness and attention to it.

Teacher, Laurence Harwood has all the details of the day was experienced by pupils and staff.  

Pupils’ experience

“The pupils started the day with an assembly to bring into focus the topic of the day, as well as to inform them of the mental health first aiders we have at the school and the support all staff can provide to their mental wellbeing. Then throughout the day, mental health was weaved into lessons, particularly in PSHE.”

Staff experience

“Staff were greeted with sweet treats, inspirational quotes, fun quizzes and a mental health key ring to wear on their lanyards to help raise awareness. The real treat for staff came at the end of the day where Steve O’Neil from Resonate UK came to the school to perform a meditation sound bath. A sound bath applies the use of therapeutic sound to promote general good health and a sense of wellbeing. Sound Healing works holistically on all levels of our being; mind, body and spirit. It was very well received by all staff, and we all ended our day in a state of relaxation and good mental health!”

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