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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Bridgeway School - Outdoor education area revealed

23 July 2020

Pupils and staff from Bridgeway School recently celebrated the completion of the first stage of their new outdoor area. To mark the event, they held their assembly by the new fire pit.

Teacher, Laurence Harwood took some time out to share more details about the project. 

Since the start of March, we have been working to create this wonderful space where pupils can take part in lessons outside of the classroom, forest school activities, grow plants and crops like leeks and tomatoes which we hope to use in the school kitchen.

The planning and organisation of the new outdoor space has been carried out by Site Supervisor, Mark Cousin and Teaching Assistant, Martin Riley, who along with pupils who have been working together to create a tranquil area for everyone to enjoy.   

Using their skills and knowledge, the duo have handmade many items, including the planters from wood and tractor tyres, tables and benches from old pallets. They also added a fire pit as a centre piece and created a living area for our three chickens; Martin has adopted the chickens during the weekends and holidays, taking great care of Fluffy, No Name and Beak. 

Local businesses have also donated materials to help the project with one builders merchant donating 15 tons of stone. 

Now that the first stage is complete, Mark and Martin are looking forward to a well-earned summer break and commented: 

"We are really thrilled with the result. Seeing the pupils enjoying the space has made it time well spent. It’s wonderful that the main path to the area is named after our Year 11 pupil, Harvey who has worked with us tirelessly throughout this project.”

How amazing is their handiwork? Well done everyone. 

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