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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Bridgeway School: Data crunching

11 December 2020

Now more than ever statistics and data are in the spotlight, and recognising this, the pupils and staff from Bridgeway School have been working together to understand data thanks to the school’s Maths department.

Teacher, Laurence Harwood, took the time out to explain how real life learning has come to life in the classroom.

The pandemic has provided us with a unique opportunity to highlight the essential role that statistics has to play in society. Analysis of data has, and will continue to be, essential in the fight against the virus. Through looking at the data from the pandemic, the pupils have learned to appreciate the value and importance of numbers and the work that statisticians do every day to turn those numbers into useful narratives. People now talk about and lean on statistics to make informed, data driven decisions.

In one lesson on cumulative frequency, a Year 10 pupil said:

"Miss, until now I never realised the importance of being able to interpret data."

That sums it all up very nicely!

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