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A final hurrah for class of 2023

14 July 2023

Year 11 pupils from Bridgeway School were in for a real treat as staff came together to organise the end-of-year prom to celebrate their time at school, providing another lasting memory.

Pupil, Macauley, notes down a first-hand account of the evening's events. 

"I can say with relative confidence that this year has been outstanding, the effort all staff and pupils have put into lessons across the year along with exam preparation and taking exams. However, the time and effort that the Bridgeway School staff exerted into this prom still blew me away."

He continued:

"The day was fresh, and the temperature was soaring, yet the staff worked tirelessly to decorate the hall, and it was worth it. A bright red carpet beckoned us inside, towered by a balloon arch. On either side of the carpet, a row of teachers applauded us as we walked across. Yet none of this could compare with the magnificence of the school hall; it looked completely different!  The staff wore smart clothing to match the occasion, and with the decorations added to the hall, I can say without a single doubt this was the best day." 

He ended with: 

"Cake, drinks, food, music, all the essentials were there, and much more. To say this was a good day would be a criminal understatement. My only complaint is that it couldn’t last longer!"


Arriving in style!

A red carpet welcome

Creating memories

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