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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Pupils shine bright in community

04 January 2024

In a display of community spirit, Year 11 Pupils from Bridgeway School recently embarked on a mission to support their local community as part of the Duke of Edinburgh program.

The pupils dedicated time to collecting food from friends and the team to donate to their local Salvation Army food bank. The project taught the philanthropists about generosity and highlighted the benefits of contributing to the local community.

The contributions were well received by the Salvation Army, who extended an invitation for pupils to revisit their sorting and distribution centre, where they saw first-hand the collective efforts of the branch. It also allowed them to understand the rising demand for food banks and how a wider social profile of society is accessing them.

The teamwork skills demonstrated throughout this project were exceptional. The pupils worked effortlessly together to create a seamless system that enabled them to successfully collect and deliver donations, showcasing their strong collaborative spirit and dedication to the project's success.

How inspiring are they?

Pupils are proud of the donations they have collected.

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