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Books to go!

07 January 2022

Staff from Ashbrooke School have continued with their mission to instil a love of reading amongst pupils. Their latest initiative has proven to be incredibly popular, with pupils queuing to use their vending machine, full of books!

Head of English, Jess Payne, explains its purpose:

"Our customised vending machine has recently been delivered and installed, causing great excitement. The vending machine works on a token system which pupils can gain by: 

  • Winning whole school competitions
  • Being nominated by class teachers or school staff each week
  • Purchasing a token with their reward points
  • Some pupils have been so keen to use it, they have even offered to use       their own pocket money to buy a token.

Pupil, Jenny was the first to use the machine and was delighted to win a 'Horrible Geography' book. "

How great is their vending machine?

Books to go!

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