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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Books and a barking pup

18 October 2021

Staff from Ashbrooke School have been on a mission to instil a love of reading amongst pupils.

They aim to create opportunities to develop a passion for reading and literature while encouraging pupils to learn key skills in communication and leadership.
Many fantastic opportunities have been tried and tested, and one that continues to be a hit is the school’s walking talking reading “dog”, who has no name.

Teacher Jessica Payne explains its purpose:

"The school’s timetable has been amended to incorporate reading time at the end of each day. The “dog” visits each form class, and pupils are encouraged to read aloud to him or share details about their favourite book. We have other exciting initiatives planned too, which we will reveal very soon."

We can’t wait to hear more and as for naming the pup, do you have any suggestions? Share them by commenting below.

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