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Therapeutic Support

Integrated across every area of our work

Our Therapeutic Practice Model

Our therapeutic model aims to support children and young people to live healthy and happy lives, establish meaningful relationships and achieve their full potential. We recognise that when a child actually feels safe living and learning with us, they will be able to begin to explore the possibility of developing new connections and relationships. These are the foundations from which they will develop the ability to regulate and understand their emotions, and the capacity to access opportunities for learning and further development.

Download our full Therapeutic Practice Model here east
Stage 1

Safety & Containment

Our first therapeutic focus with all our children and young people is to re-establish or indeed establish a feeling of physical & emotional safety and containment. 

Stage 2

Relationships and Connections

Once Stage 1 is achieved and the child feels a sense of stability, safety and support our therapeutic focus moves to the development of engagement, connections and relationships with others

Stage 3:

Experiences and Learning

Now that we have built stronger relationships and levels of trust, our children & young people will be able to begin to engage in new therapeutic experiences and learning opportunities.

Stage 4:

A Platform to Achieve

This unique approach to supporting young people provides them with the platform to achieve uniquely outstanding outcomes, which in turn enables each young person to go on to realise a future filled with aspiration and achievement.

Our Three Waves Model

This holistic therapeutic support and intervention service provided by our multi-disciplinary team can be mapped onto the Withersack Group's Three Waves Model.

Wave 1

Clinically informed & Supported Specialist Living & Learning Environment

• Therapeutic Milieu
• Whole school/home developments and focus
• Curriculum adaptations and class initiatives
• Staff training
• Internal Team Around the Child meetings
• Generic parental advice and guidance

Wave 2

Targeted Clinically Led Therapeutic Intervention

• Clinically supervised keywork sessions
• Clinically developed and monitored targeted programmes
• Targeted small group work
• Targeted parental engagement
• Child/young person specific training sessions
• Child focus and reflective practice meetings

Wave 3

Direct Clinical Engagement

• Individual Therapy
• Group Therapy
• 1 to 1 Direct Interventions
• Targeted family work
• Targeted clinical assessment

Download our full Therapeutic Practice Model here east

Our Therapeutic Approach

We believe that therapeutic support should be embedded throughout all the work we do with children and young people to enable them to overcome the challenges they face and reach their full potential.

As such, our Clinical Services Team will see children and young people for individual work, in terms of assessment and direct programmes. They will also work in enabling settings to follow this through all aspects of the young person’s time with us. Due to the Clinical Services Team having bases within all schools and children’s homes, response to any changes in need and/or crisis occurs quickly with in-depth background knowledge. The staff are usually well known to the child or young person and will continuously work to establish and develop their trust.

Personalised therapeutic support

The presence of the Clinical Services Team enables staff in our schools and children's home to provide personalised programmes to enable children and young people to overcome barriers as they understand themselves better. 

Press play to watch our staff explain how we support our children and young people through our therapeutic support. 


Our approach

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