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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Grange Lodge Children's Home

Spencer’s Story

“He wears a smile ear to ear and enjoys life as an eight year old should, playing pirates and having fun.”

30 April 2021

Spencer’s Story

Every child deserves to have a home life where they feel safe and loved, but imagine if the opposite was your reality. Neglect and abuse in the home environment was the only experience Spencer had and the effects of this chaotic lifestyle stayed with the young man as he navigated from one foster care placement to the next. When he was given opportunities for new starts, he would display erratic behaviours and, the placements would breakdown. Along this lonely journey Spencer’s school experience mirrored his home life as it too was isolating with him segregated from other pupils and only attending for four hours daily.


On arrival at Grange Lodge Children’s Home Spencer was quiet and did not want anything to do with staff. He just believed ‘adults let you down and it was a matter of time until the placement would break down anyway.’ Little did he know that he was at a home where staff would not give up and were willing to go the extra mile to help. 

A high level of support was given to Spencer to limit his aggression and keep him safe. The integrated learning centre and therapeutic services onsite worked closely with the home team to slowly integrate Spencer into school. 


Fast forward to now and the young boy’s life opportunities have improved beyond measure. He wears a smile ear to ear and enjoys life as an eight year old should, playing pirates and having fun. His behaviour has improved significantly and now he enjoys attending school and accessing the full range of extra-curricular opportunities on offer. Whilst making progress academically, he has also built trusting relationships with staff and has family contact too.

Spencer has navigated through his new life at Grange Lodge with the help of staff and his achievements and progress are growing just as tall as he is.

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