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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Bridgeway School

Scarlett’s Story

“Now, you will find Scarlett smiling and happy in school, where she is very much part of the community.”

Headteacher, Bridgeway School
27 April 2021

Scarlett’s Story

Scarlett arrived at Bridgeway School as an angry young girl having previously attended several schools. Each breakdown of placement was as a result of her behaviours as she struggled to communicate and often would become aggressive towards her peers. This lead to her feeling rejected and misunderstood as her fellow pupils avoided contact with her. It was all too overwhelming for a young girl who desperately wanted to be happy.


It was clear to staff at Bridgeway that Scarlett had great potential and that she really did care about everyone around her. To help improve her communication skills, our speech and language therapist put into place a plan focusing on her interpersonal relationships and providing her with a toolkit of support to communicate her frustrations. Teaching and support staff also worked closely with her in lessons and helped her to form friendships.


The commitment of staff and the determination of Scarlett resulted in a transformation taking place. Now, you will find Scarlett smiling and happy in school, where she is very much part of the community. She is currently working towards her GCSEs, has formed strong friendships and enjoys chatting away to staff who she has some great relationships with. The girl who could not communicate and often found herself becoming frustrated now has developed skills to help her articulate her thoughts and feelings. Scarlett has grown and blossomed into a caring, empathetic young woman with a very exciting future ahead of her.

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