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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Oakwoodl View Children's Home

Kimberley’s Story

“Kimberley has flourished into a caring young girl, who has grown in confidence, academically and socially.”

30 April 2021

Kimberley’s Story

Kimberley was a lost and confused young girl with very low self-esteem and unaddressed emotional and attachment issues. This resulted in risk taking behaviours and aggressive outbursts, which on a number of occasions involved police intervention. Her poor attitude and violent behaviour was also reflected in her education, having been permanently excluded from mainstream schools and a pupil referral unit


Kimberley’s initial assessment with Oakwood View Children’s Home saw staff quickly recognise that she was a very intelligent girl, who had been subject to an extremely unfortunate start in life. They also learnt she had a passion for football and with help from Oakwood View’s integrated care, therapy and education, Kimberley had the perfect opportunity to fulfil her potential.

After Kimberley’s arrival, staff were able to centre her placement plan on stabilising her environment. They also recognised the importance for her to maintain contact with her sister and former carer, helping her feel safe and secure.


Kimberly soon found stability at Oakwood View and with encouragement from staff she enjoyed a variety of hobbies and maintained relationships with those closest to her. Over the couple of years she spent at the home Kimberley flourished into a caring young girl, who has grown in confidence, academically and socially. She excelled in school, maintaining high attendance levels and proved she was a very talented football player, playing for two local teams. She was even successfully selected for the Sunderland girls team, a great achievement for her and very proud moment for the staff. Kimberley also took a keen interest in a local charity and raised a significant amount of money to donate towards a brilliant cause.

Her progress has enabled her to transition back into foster care with her sister and former carer. She has now been transferred to Ashbrooke School to complete her academic journey, where she is sure to achieve her aspirations in life.

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