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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244
Avon Park School

Hattie’s Story

“Hattie can now be found at Avon Park School enjoying learning with great interest and intrigue”

Headteacher, Avon Park School
27 April 2021

Hattie’s Story

Hattie found it difficult to engage with learning. She would often feel anxious in lessons and struggled to articulate her thoughts and feelings. Her behaviour became disruptive resulting in her having to leave the classroom, which further isolated the little girl who desperately wanted to fit in. This cycle continued for some time until it was decided that a school that could better meet her needs needed to be found; Avon Park School was introduced to her parents who just wanted to see their daughter thrive.


On arrival at Avon Park, Hattie was introduced to her new class where she quickly settled into the nurturing environment. Her teacher introduced a bespoke 1:1 timetable that presented her with short achievable tasks, as well as carefully constructed social time to allow the development of her interpersonal skills. Hattie started to blossom allowing her to build relationships with staff and her peers.

Hattie continued to engage with learning, but at times when she became anxious, she would become disruptive and behave as she had done previously. To help manage her frustrations she accessed weekly 1:1 sessions with the school’s Mental Health Practitioner to help her become more confident and grow into the young girl staff know she had the potential to be.


Hattie can now be found at Avon Park School enjoying learning with great interest and intrigue. She is often seen with friends laughing and playing, whist displaying great behaviour and making everyone proud of the young woman she has become.

Confident and articulate, Hattie continues to make great progress and the future certainly looks promising for the girl who has exceeded all expectations.

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