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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

5 Activities You Wouldn't Expect to do as a Support Worker

02 February 2024

How many jobs are there where you can get paid to do great activities such as a trip to Alton Towers? There are lots of misconceptions around care, with the assumption that the career is always remaining in the home and supporting the children and young people there. This is obviously a key aspect of it and it can be challenging, but there is so much more to working in care at WG!

Visit a Theme Park 

It could be Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, you can enjoy these experiences whilst supporting young people towards having the best time.

Adventure Activities 

It could be hiking or swimming, cycling or horse riding or going to an adventure centre like GoApe. You can get out and make sure the young people are equipped and assisted while having a go yourself too!

A Trip to the Cinema

Grab the popcorn and snacks and settle down for a great film while making sure the young people are comfortable and happy.

Shopping Trip

It could be a shopping centre or the local shops, you are there to ensure they are enjoying day to day experiences whilst safe and happy.

The Big Match

You might have a stadium tour, go to watch your favourite sports team play or have a kick about in the local park.


These are just a few activities that you might get up to as a Residential Support Worker, but there are plenty more! Have a look at our latest vacancies for the opportunity to join us and make some amazing memories.

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