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Understanding Autism, OCD and ADHD - Advice for Parents & Carers

5 Ways To Support Your Child With Maths

12 January 2022

This resource is brought to you in partnership with the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity. Colin Foley, National Training Director has penned down five ways to support your child with Maths at home and ideas to work towards reducing their anxiety. This supports the 'Understanding Dyscalculia' webinar.

1. Make Maths fun. Plan an activity together, ensuring that you focus upon any number of requirements within the activity, for example, travelling at a distance and calculating together how much an outing will cost or building a den at home and measuring the dimensions of the space and the
size of the materials needed.

2. Play a board game together. There are many varieties of board games that address different mathematical needs, for example, spatial strategy games like Connect Four or Battleships or resource management games such as Monopoly or matching pattern games such as dominoes. 

3. Take a multi-sensory approach to Maths. Engaging various senses can encourage children to engage in Maths in a different way to learning in school, and this can increase their interest and engagement. Use sight, hearing, touch and movement to help your child to understand what different
symbols in Maths mean

4. Maths in the real world. Look for opportunities to approach number and calculation in the daily life of your child, for example, working out together how much time different activities need and calculating expenditure and change. 

5. Modelling. Use your own life and talk about how you use Maths in your everyday life, for example, cook or bake with your child and show them how to calculate quantities of ingredients, teaching your child how to manage calculations and solve problems.

This resource supports the webinar 'Understanding Dyscalculia.' You can watch it by clicking here. 

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