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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Pupils Dance Away

07 May 2020

Pupils from Queensmead House School have been busy perfecting their dance moves, and recently nailed a choreography together which was a cause of celebration.

Executive Head Teacher, Justine Sims took the time to catch us up on the latest fun activity:

"We are very fortunate at Queensmead House School to have some fantastic learning spaces, including a large primary hall for dance, drama, sport and assemblies, as well as a large secondary hall with a stage, lighting and sound facilities. This week, pupils from our primary unit took full advantage of the space and along with Deputy Head Teacher, Simon Tattersall and Teaching & Learning Assistant, Angelika Panielik, they took part in some dance activities using Just Dance. Everyone persevered to  follow all of the dance movements resulting in the  whole group managing to perfect their dance in unison.  This was a great opportunity to keep our bodies and mind healthy and we look forward to our next challenge."

As they say on Strictly Come Dancing, ‘Keeeeeep dancing!’

Well done everyone!

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