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Evolution unearthed

16 June 2022

Pupils and staff from Queensmead House School have recently been involved in a flurry of activity.

Darwin’s delights

Year 6 pupils got stuck into learning about Charles Darwin. During the topic, they learned about Darwin’s theories and through this fascinating subject, created their own colourful Galapagos Island with 'creatures' they crafted, showing evolution. When else will you see a dinosaur and a snail together? 

A dinosaur and snail

Mental Health Awareness Week

Last term, pupils in the primary unit celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week, focussing on the theme of loneliness.

Throughout the week, pupils got involved in a variety of activities and conversations.  One of the activities involved them receiving a lonely bear that needed a hug, providing pupils with an opportunity to discuss how they could talk to someone to make them feel happy. They also got involved in an activity called ‘happy days’ where they discussed what they could do to feel happy and what this would involve. 

Well done everyone!

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