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Encapsulated in time!

09 June 2022

Pupils from Mandela Class at Queensmead House School were recently asked to come up with some ideas for a project as part of their Skills for Independence Learning. After much deliberation, they agreed on creating a time capsule that they could bury.

As part of the project, they discussed their budget, and what should be included in the capsule to represent themselves, this included their favourite football teams, movie stars, animals, and food along with a fact sheet ‘about me’ detailing their favourite pastimes, thoughts, and feelings. If that wasn't enough, they also decided to add current information, for example, the weather, news, music charts, and the latest movie releases.  

They presented their ideas to the Clinical Team with great enthusiasm, agreeing to a budget and burying the capsule within the school grounds. Their concept was quickly approved and they set about their mission of collecting the items. 

They are hoping to dig up their capsule at the end of Year 11 before leaving school and see how things have progressed and changed, including themselves. How impressive is that?

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