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The power of sport

17 August 2023

Last term, pupils and staff from Pontville School got stuck into various sporting activities, from being crowned football champions to sports day, and they even enjoyed a blast of colour for their fun run.

Crowned Champions

Key Stage 3 & 4 pupils were recently crowned football champions as they took part in the Disability Football Festival.

As part of the event, they played at Burnley Football Club in a Premier League tournament, where they showed their talent and determination, resulting in them emerging as champions in their group.

The team’s success in the festival is a shining example of how passion and teamwork can overcome challenges and achieve greatness.

Well done!

Sports Day Fun

The school's annual sports day had a sunny backdrop, adding an extra layer of excitement and positivity to the event.

All year groups took part in the day, enjoying a wide range of sporting activities, including, hurdles, javelin, the classic sack race and the fun tennis ball and spoon race. There was something for everyone to enjoy.

The day ended with a brilliant tug of war, where everyone gave their all in a show of teamwork and determination.

The event was an excellent opportunity for everyone to show their talents, develop skills, and build self-confidence.  It was also a time for celebration, cheering each other on, and acknowledging the efforts of all participants.

Great teamwork!

Colour Run

Pupils came together to enjoy a colour run event and had an absolute blast!

During the event, they ran a set course around the school, which ended with a colour explosion of vibrant, colourful powders thrown into the air, creating a unique and lively atmosphere, and making the occasion even more memorable. 

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