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Cyber security

09 June 2023

Pupils and staff from Oversands School recently welcomed Cumbria Constabulary Cyber Division for an informative talk on online safety and cyber security laws.

From the word 'go', pupils were eager to understand and engage with the topic of online safety. The talk gave them a fascinating insight into the division's work, including their collaboration with other constabularies and their efforts to protect businesses and individuals online.

The talk also helped pupils gain a greater understanding of the threats that exist online and how law enforcement agencies, like the constabulary, work to mitigate those risks.

Careers Lead, Paul Wilkinson commented:

"Observing pupils engage with important topics like this was fabulous. Thanks to Computer Science Teacher Paul Hennelly, pupils are already well versed and prepared in this subject; however, it allowed them to ask well-considered questions showcasing their curiosity and desire to learn more. These discussions enforced the importance of online safety and the current legislation around online threats." 

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