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Ready, steady cook

24 November 2023

Luxborough Court School recently hosted its very first food contest, an exciting cook-off where budding chefs showcased their skills by whipping up servings of spaghetti Bolognese. This event is part of the renowned FutureChef competition, which unfolds in four stages, promising a journey that is not only fun but also challenging, exciting, and ultimately rewarding for all everyone involved.

The culinary adventure began at the school heat. The competition then advances to local finals, hosted by a neighbouring school or college. Following this, the stakes are raised at regional finals, organised by a regional college. This thrilling journey then ends at the national finals, held at Westminster Kingsway College and judged by industry chefs.

At Luxborough Court, pupils eagerly embraced the challenge. The air in the kitchen was charged with excitement as the aroma of simmering Bolognese sauce filled the room. Each participant, fueled by passion and a love for cooking, sought to create a dish that would not only impress but also tantalise the taste buds of the judges.

The responsibility of judging fell on the capable shoulders of Senior Therapist Karen Tootill and Cook In Charge Tom Hamilton. Their task was no small feat, as they embarked on a flavourful journey, tasting and evaluating each dish, and after much deliberation and even more tasting, they crowned pupil Jack as the winner. 

The best of luck for the next rounds, Jack!

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