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The trip every bookwork dreams of

25 November 2022

Pupils from Hall Cliffe School had the best incentive to make progress in their reading recently, resulting in some more memorable memories being made, and a treat they couldn't resist.

HLTA, Ellie Hirst shares all the detail of a day every bookworm's dream:

"In advance of the day, pupils had to try really hard during their Treehouse Reading Sessions to progress in reading and overcome any obstacles. TAs, Hazel Lord, Daniel Sidebottom and myself, then treated pupils to a trip to the bookshop, Darling Reads, where they were able to choose their own book to take home to keep. They also enjoyed a well-deserved treat in the nearby cafe.!

She continued:

"We found the visit to be an invaluable experience, celebrating their reading successes, promote a love for reading and highlighting, all their hard work. We want to continue to encourage pupils to read so eventually they will leave school as avid readers.  We feel this can only be achieved through recognising and celebrating success, and providing them with tools, to find a love for reading."

She finished by saying: 

"The trip was also a great opportunity to give back to the local community through a substantial book order for the school library, as well as the books chosen by pupils."

A trip to Darling Read's bookshop

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