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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Group celebrates award win!

19 August 2022

Witherslack Group has become one of the first organisations in the country to be awarded the Neurodiversity Friendly Award by the ADHD Foundation.

The award recognises the Group’s longstanding efforts in supporting children, young people, their families and the wider SEN community, including a wide range of professionals working in the sector.  

For nearly ten years, we have provided a wide range of free advice and support through conferences, webinars, events and podcasts.  Working in close collaboration with experts across their field, we have seen ten of thousands of parents, carers and professionals benefit from our commitment to sharing the highest quality advice and support.  

Our internal training and development programmes further add to the toolkit of our staff, which also includes a tiered course delivered by the Foundation, exploring methods to support and empower neurodiverse learners.  This has led to our Group becoming the first education provider to achieve Advanced ADHD Practitioner status.   

Receiving the award on behalf of the Group, Jude Jones, Chief Commercial Officer, commented:

"It is with great pleasure and pride that we accept this award. Our commitment to championing inclusion and diversity is both illustrated by our longstanding partnership with the ADHD Foundation and our ever growing commitment to sharing expert advice & support to parents, carers and professionals.  We are humbled to be acknowledged in such a way and filled with further passion to do even more in the future."

Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO of the Foundation, commented:

"Witherslack Group is the one of the first businesses to receive the National Neurodiversity Friendly Award. This award reflects their pioneering model that enables both employees, young people and their families, and the wider Witherslack Group community to thrive and achieve their potential."

Learn more about the ADHD Foundation here.  

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