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From classroom to catwalk

02 November 2023

Pupils from Pontville School stepped into the world of fashion, getting hands-on experience under the guidance of Kirsty Doyle, a prominent designer and entrepreneur based in Liverpool.

The experience was made possible through a Futures Ambassadors Session, an integral component of the Futures programme, where employers and entrepreneurs visit schools across the Group, speaking  to children and young people about their journey to success, giving a real insight into experiences and the diverse opportunities that industries can offer.

Captivated from the get-go, pupils were engaged as Kirsty shared her knowledge and advice about the industry, including how the design process works, the specifics of her work and her role, and even shared top tips on business management. To enhance the experience further, Kirsty also brought with her off-cuts of fabric, allowing pupils to play with and feel materials she uses daily to create her unique handmade pieces. 

To bring to life her explanations, Kirsty kindly invited pupils to her design studio, where they were given a tour and meeting the seamstresses. To make the day memorable, she arranged a fun, tasking pupils with designing outfits using a variety of fabrics to dress up a mannequin.

Gemma Sillet, HLTA from Pontville School, commented:

“Bringing Kirsty into school inspired pupils to think outside the box and look into the world of fashion design. They were so inspired that they’ve been doing their own research into the industry, asking for additional work experience opportunities.”

It’s safe to say, watch out Stella McCartney, we have the next big name in our midst.

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