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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Puppy love

21 April 2023

One pupil from Elmbank Learning Centre was delighted with the opportunity to visit a local dog groomer over the course of a few weeks.

During their visits, they learned a variety of techniques and were surprised at how much work goes into keeping the puppies looking healthy and happy. They also learned about the different breeds of dogs and their unique grooming needs.

Working with the puppy provided a great sense of joy and excitement, and they were amazed at how quickly the puppy responded, enjoying all the attention.

After the visit, they couldn't stop talking about their experience, which they shared with friends. It was fun and taught them essential life skills such as patience, attention to detail, and responsibility. Experiences like these can positively impact a young person's life and help them discover their passions and interests.

Great work!

One happy puppy and one happy young person!

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