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Eid 2023 celebrations

05 May 2023

Throughout the month of Ramadan, pupils and staff from Cumberland School came together to learn about why Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset and the importance of donating to charity, particularly during the month.

Inspired to give back and help their local community, the school community came together to donate generously to the local food bank run by the church nearby.  They also visited the local mosque in Bolton, where pupils were given a tour and asked questions to the imam.

To mark Eid, a day of celebration after Ramadan, everyone came together to enjoy a feast full of new flavours that some pupils had never tasted before.

Pupils commented:

"I’m really happy that I got to go to the food bank to give the less fortunate."

"That was the first time I’ve visited a mosque, it was so interesting."

"I’m behaving myself for Mr Mogra whilst he’s fasting!"

Food bank donations ready to be dropped off.

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