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Careers realised and even more fun

08 September 2022

Last term, pupils and staff from Chilworth House School came together to explore career opportunities, build bridges and enjoyed a family fun day.

Career opportunities explored 

Kidzania in London was the perfect place for pupils to explore career opportunities. They were able to ‘work’ in a whole host of roles, from TV presenter to radio reporter and news journalist. They also tried their hand at being a shop assistant, cashier, doctor, vet, firefighters, pilots and airline cabin crew - this is just the start of the list - phew!  

They started with a ‘bank card’ that enabled them to earn a wage and spend their tokens on activities or in the department store. The day was a great success with staff beaming with pride as the pupils developed friendships, independence and an awareness of the world and the roles and responsibilities that come with growing up.  

Exploring careers

Exploring careers

Building bridges

Year 6 pupils enjoyed a taster of DT with Ben Pearce, Teacher from Chilworth House Upper School. They followed got to work using lolly sticks and glue guns and followed a structured scheme to put the bridge togther. They tested the strength of the bridge using bricks, and you can see from the photo below they succeeded.

Building bridges

Family Fun Day

To mark the end of the school year, pupils and staff welcomed parents and carers for their annual Family Fun Day. Parul Kumari has all the details: 

"The day began with the parents of Year 6 pupils coming in for their leavers assembly. This was an emotional moment for everyone involved as the children and staff shared memories with alot of laughter and more than a few tears shared. After this, we joined forces with Chilworth House Upper School to host an event welcoming all the school community, including families. We enjoyed a barbecue cooked up by kitchen team and enjoyed an afternoon full of fun."

Enjoying yummy food

Fun activities bring everyone together

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