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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

Bridgeway School Blog 3: Media magic

22 January 2021

Last term, pupils from Bridgeway School enjoyed learning new skills with the help of Media Teacher, Stuart Sutton. This week, the team of bloggers dig deep to find out all the details.

Mr. Sutton has been giving us an insight into the world of professional media productions. He has vast experience in this industry, having started his media career off by filming underwater shots and progressing on making adverts and promotional videos all over the world.


We have really been enjoying sessions with him in classes and on a 1:1 basis; he has been able to cater to individual interests and skills. So far we have made soundtracks, Lego animations, talking animated characters, voice-overs, and even take on the role of a broadcaster in news reports alongside learning how to edit materials. We have particularly enjoyed the power of the green screen and being transported to different settings with all the backgrounds available.


We have many projects in the planning stage such as a documentary about the life and experiences of an LGBT pupil, Bridgeway’s Got Talent, and several large-scale film productions.

Teacher, Laurence Harwood, commented:

It is always nice to see our pupils engaging in their learning, but is even better when they are carrying on with it during free time; this area really has captured their creativity and imagination.

Take a look at one of the projects here.

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