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Pupils strive for the Junior Duke Award

24 November 2023

At Ashbrooke School, a wave of enthusiasm is sweeping through as pupils embark on a journey towards achieving the coveted Junior Duke Award. This initiative, designed to support children in realising their abilities and uncovering new talents and passions, has become a focal point for personal growth and skill development.

The philosophy behind the award is simple – children need time and space to explore, make mistakes, and learn to be safe.  The Junior Duke Award serves as a catalyst for encouraging and honing these life skills. From mastering the art of making a cup of tea to learning the intricacies of fastening shoelaces, doing laundry, or even buying and wrapping a gift, the award scheme covers a spectrum of practical skills.

One pupil, bubbling with excitement commented:

“I can't wait to earn my Gold Award. I want to learn how to do First Aid so that I can help my family.”

As these Junior Dukes continue their quest for personal and collective excellence, their efforts are not only commendable but also telling of a brighter future. The Junior Duke Award is not just a recognition of accomplishments; it is a celebration of resilience, curiosity, and the unwavering spirit of pupils.

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