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24-hour Referral Line: 0800 304 7244

5 Benefits of Working in a Residential Children's Home

02 February 2024

Working in care is one of the most rewarding career paths there is, your job is to change lives for the better and ensure a positive future for those who may have had an unsettled life so far.

Working in our homes, you are the friend, the parent/carer, the fun auntie/uncle, the support, the inspiration. Your presence in the home can make the day of a child or young person so much better and your consistent presence can positively change their lives forever.

Have a look at 5 benefits you get from working in a Residential Children’s Home. Have a look at our benefits page to find more!

Work in the Best Environments

Beautiful and well furnished homes away from home. We ensure the spaces our young people live in are personally decorated with spaces to relax and have fun.

Seeing Young People Happy

Working in care can be challenging, but seeing a young person smile even if they have had a tough day is incredibly rewarding. 

Fun Trips Away

From a theme park to the aquarium, a shopping trip to a visit to the seaside, you will be there to support and enjoy. You can find out more about activities to do with our young people here.

A Strong and Friendly Team

You are supported with everything you do, you are never on your own. Not only do you work alongside your care team, but also our clinical team meaning you are supported at all times. Working together to create the best possible futures for our young people is just one of the things that make WG such a great place to work.

Building Positive Relationships

You can be a pillar of support for our young people and a team player alongside your colleagues. Having great colleagues by your side through the challenging times fosters more positive relationships with our children and young people as they feel supported and safe. These connections make working in care one of the most rewarding career paths.


These are just a few benefits of working in care at WG, click the link below to find out about the many others we have available.

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