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Mayor’s office visit

20 October 2023

Pupils from Pontville Primary School recently visited the West Lancashire Mayor's Office, where they had a memorable experience meeting her, exploring the council chambers, and enjoying refreshments in her parlour.

Here, the team of bloggers break down the highlights of the visit.

  • We had the privilege of learning about local government functions and how decisions are made in our community. We gained valuable insights into the democratic process and the role of our Mayor.

  • We were honoured to meet West Lancashire Mayor Maureen Nixon, who warmly welcomed us and patiently answered questions about her role and responsibilities.

  • The visit to the chambers provided a unique opportunity for us to witness where local leaders debate and make decisions that impact our community.

Head Teacher, Justine Sims commented:

"Our pupils expressed their enthusiasm and curiosity during the visit, showing an eagerness to learn about local governance and civic responsibilities. Meeting a respected community leader like Mayor Maureen Nixon inspired our primary pupils and provided them with a role model in public service. We will continue to explore opportunities to integrate civic education into our curriculum and inspire our young learners to be active and informed citizens."

Thank you to Mayor Maureen Nixon and her team for hosting us and providing this enlightening experience. This positive visit has sparked our interest in community involvement and local government.

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