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A treat to be, or not to be

14 April 2023

Pupils from Luxborough Court School have been breaking down the nutritional value of biscuits, crumb by crumb and exploring the work of Shakespeare.

In a recent food technology lesson, the budding bakers got to work and made homemade oat and fruit cookies drizzled with delicious white chocolate. To introduce new and exciting flavours, they even had a choice of tasty and nutritious ingredients, including dried mango, banana chips, cranberry seeds and coconut.

Later, to understand the ingredients used in both shop-bought biscuits and homemade ones, they completed a taste test and evaluated the nutritional value of each one, helping them to recognise the importance of making healthy choices.


In English, pupils have been exploring the work of Shakespeare. As part of a recent project, they created book covers and blurbs that were praised for their imagination and creativity. 

Keep up the excellent work! 

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